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Nishiki and Kimi have a child.

Post 120 but spoilers are minimal and kept purposefully vague.

Pretty much ignores the current arc because 1, it’s not finished and 2, I wanted to write something cute to deal with the heartbreak of the current arc… orz

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"I’ve died and gone straight to heaven."

Actually, I wanted to make this a simple animation.

"I’ve died and gone straight to heaven."

Actually, I wanted to make this a simple animation.

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Hi….I swear I didn’t die or anything. I just spent a week suffering jetlag in HK and then immediately afterwards, I spent a week suffering jetlag back home in Toronto……And then work and stuff….. =u= 

Also I owe so many people presents and things, I’m sorry I will get onto those asap…. /rolls away

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Oh look, I finished* something.

Very try-hard fake watercolouring.

*…As long as we all agree here that finished means that colour’s been slapped on it and I consider it done.

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Deathigner - short film

..In which the children of the gods of Death attend  reaper-school.

Look at this ADORABLE short film.

WATCH THIS. This is so fucking cute that I started to cry

god, this is so sweet. And I really loved how they had different death gods too, even more than the 3 we focused on. All the different cultural Deaths

That was the cutest ting EVER

(via waygookin)

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Parfaits based on characters. 

I could explain. But it’s 2am and I’ve been working on these for too long. I am ridiculously proud of them though. Mostly on the flavour combos which I will post for these separately. Maybe I’ll queue them.

I actually take a lot of offense with character meals that just look like the characters. Or sometimes don’t even look like them and you’re kind of just like…..

Did you RNG this and decide to say that it was based on that character.

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Papercutting commission! Li Change Ge and Ashina Sun from Song of the Long March.

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Here is “Knot”, a short comic I drew to sell at Mocca and TCAF this year. The printed version is going to be SO PRETTY. I’m in love with the cover (which I will post later).

I just wanted to do something fairy-tale-like that talked about doubts and frustrations and how to deal with them. I’m really happy with how colorful and adorable the story turned out to be. 

If you enjoyed “Knot”, please consider reblogging it and/or checking out my ongoing webcomic Namesake! HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!

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Those days when you’re like: Everything I draw is smelly butts.

That was yesterday. I still feel like I have no idea what my hand is doing, but I can live with this for now.

Also I have no idea what to write in my handwriting?? So. Please give me a suggestion before I start writing titillating sentences from The Monk.

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Guess who was the person who spent a whole minute admiring a person’s handwriting and going, “Oh my god, look at that perfect Q.”

Only to notice: Wait. Isn’t this my handwriting?

In my defense, it was written on someone else’s form (which I filled in for them an eternity ago) so I wasn’t expecting it to be my handwriting, and my handwriting is really pretty nice so I feel perfectly justified in admiring it.

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Wedding pictures are really good for couply pose practice.

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White charcoal on black paper.

I don’t understand traditional media. /makes a face at it

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…….I just wanted to draw bright pink lipstick.

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The White Keys and the Black Keys" | Hazel Scott on 2 Grand Pianos | From the 1943 film, The Heat’s On

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I’m wracking my brains, but I can’t recall why I hated this program so much that I uninstalled it. Hm.

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